The vision of Real Men.

Meeting Men Where They're At.

The REALMEN Ministry of C3 Spectrum Church meets men where they’re at in life – as husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, businessmen, trades & ultimately, as Christians. Men everywhere want to know how to do life and how to do it well.

They want to know how to best manage busy lives and juggle the ever-increasing responsibilities and demands being placed on them. At C3 Spectrum, Steve Mac along with a team of men oversee the REALMEN ministry. 

The REALMEN Ministry recognises that there are different seasons in a man’s life that he needs to understand and be prepared for. He also needs to be equipped for success. The aim of the REALMEN Ministry is to be proactive in bringing men to a place of understanding and equipping them with practical strategies for all aspects of life.

We encourage every man to embrace the vision and values of REALMEN and to become actively involved in this life-changing ministry to men!